What Is A Worker Co-op

...and why would you start one?

The first in our two part series, this class is a 4-week session called "What is a worker cooperative and why would you start one?" which will discuss cooperatives in general, the history of cooperatives in Wisconsin, the worker cooperative model and how it benefits workers, and the global worker cooperative movement. We are in the process of scheduling the next session. 

This class is great for:

  • Anyone who is interested in understanding what worker cooperatives are
  • People who have heard about worker cooperatives but don't know a lot about them
  • Folks who want to learn about the concrete benefits that worker cooperatives have brought in regions around the world with high concentrations of cooperatives
  • People who are considering forming a worker cooperative and want to learn more before choosing that structure
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about economic alternatives and solidarity economy

If you're part of the initial group of people starting a worker cooperative, this class is great for people who might join your team as you get started or once you have capacity to bring on more worker-owners. 

If you are a business owner interested in converting your business to a cooperative by selling to your employees, this class is a good way for you to learn more about how a conversion can benefit your employees and the community. If you already know you want to sell your business to your employees, we recommend this class for employees to learn more about what worker cooperatives are and how worker-ownership would impact them. 


Already know you want to start a worker cooperative? 

The second part of our series is "Start a Worker Cooperative" which is an 8-week session covering all of the key topics related to starting your cooperative, and you'll leave with the materials you need in order to get going.