Apply to join MadWorc by filling out the 2022 Co-op Survey

For 2023, MadWorC’s dues are as follows:

For established worker cooperatives: Your dues are .05% of wages paid in the previous fiscal year, with a $100 minimum. 

If your cooperative is a start-up, you get a discounted rate: In your first year as a start-up your dues are $50, and in your second and third years as a start-up, your dues are $125. If you are a start-up cooperative and you are also interested in joining the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, please get in touch with us at

As a cooperative member of MadWorC, you get all of the benefits of membership, including voting (see below for all details of membership benefits)

For organizations that support cooperatives, associate membership is .05% of the budget for community and cooperative education with a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $500.

For individuals wishing to join MadWorC, dues are a sliding scale from $50-$500.


Benefits for Cooperatives: 

  • Send a member of your co-op to serve on MadWorC’s boad of directors
  • Access to our co-op toolkits and resource library
  • Access to our peer support network for help with any issues your co-op is facing, and to help support other co-ops that would like to learn from you
  • Access to any discounts that MadWorC is able to arrange with local cooperatives


  • Pay your dues
  • Share your written and video resources with MadWorC to share with others
  • Optional: Participate in our peer support network by providing support and advice to other co-ops in Madison.
  • Optional: Appoint a member of your co-op to the MadWorC board


To join email and we will take down your co-op's information.