Board and Staff

MadWorC's board on a video call


The MadWorC board includes representatives from member cooperatives as well as individual members of MadWorC. The current board is:

Martin Alvarado (Madison Public Library)

Lora Garrett (Common Good Bookkeeping Cooperative)

Kim Grveles, Treasurer (Wisconsin Natural Heritage Cooperative, retired)

Steve Herrick (Interpreters’ Cooperative of Madison)

Martha Kemble (Union Cab Cooperative)

Rebecca Kemble (Union Cab Cooperative)

Dennis McKernan (Union Technology Cooperative)

Ole Olson, president (Isthmus Engineering)

David Rossing (Union Cab Cooperative)

Charity Schmidt (Madison Cooperative Development Coalition)

Esther West (UW Center for Cooperatives)


Our staff member is Rek Kwawer.