Start a Worker Co-op Class

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Aren't sure if a worker cooperative is the right model for you? Check out our Two Minute Trep Tip to learn more about worker cooperatives. 

MadWorC is excited to announce that we will be running a class on starting a worker cooperative through the Professional and Continuing Education program at Madison College. We’ve developed a curriculum that is practicum-based (so students will leave ready to start or convert a business) with support from the Cooperative Development Foundation

Designed for trade school students, this class is appropriate for anyone interested in starting a worker cooperative or converting their business to a worker cooperative. We encourage people who are in similar trades or industries or even in the same business to take the class together, but we will help solo students work in small groups to develop a potential cooperative business for the practical element of the class. We will bring in guest speakers from local cooperatives and cooperative lenders, visit local worker cooperatives, engage in interactive activities, and build bylaws and business plans.

Start a Worker Cooperative:

Worker cooperatives are businesses owned and democratically operated by the workers. Worker cooperatives are stable, create well-paying jobs, and keep businesses and jobs in the community. This course will discuss why people start worker-owned co-ops and will walk you through the process of starting a co-op. We’ll cover democratic decision-making, creating bylaws and policies, incorporation, financing, and business planning. Students will work in small groups to create the documents necessary to launch their own business or convert an existing business to a worker cooperative. Students in similar programs or industries are encouraged to attend as a group.

Wednesdays, February 15th to April 19th, 6-8pm, Madison College Truax Campus

To register, visit the Madison College Professional and Continuing Education site. Please register by February 7th