Peer Network


There are three major goals of our Peer Network: 

  1. It builds stronger and more formal relationships between worker-owners at different cooperatives, creating more opportunities for worker cooperatives to engage with each other (Cooperation Among Cooperatives).

  2. Worker-owners gain skills that allow for job mobility, whether within their cooperative or in a new cooperative endeavor. This supports the cooperative principle of Education and Training. 

  3. Cooperative businesses are strengthened by adding new skills among members and by building up existing skills among more members. For some cooperatives, this might mean that the co-op will finally have a member who can manage IT systems. For other cooperatives, this might mean that the co-op will have multiple members trained in finances, creating redundancy and more ability to share the workload.


In 2023, we received a small grant that covered stipends for mentors and mentees. We are evaluating how that went, and also working on a better system for connecting people to each other without an intermediary. Look for more updates in mid-2024.

In the meantime, if there's something you'd like to learn from another co-op, let us know and we are happy to connect you (and help figure out which co-op might be able to provide the most relevant information for you).