Worker cooperatives stand with Wisconsin!

Why do worker cooperatives support labor? One simple reason: we are labor. Photo by Gabrielle Fine, as are most of the ones below.

Multiple times in February and March, Union Cabs paraded down State Street to the Capitol Square to enthusiastic cheers from other protesters.

Community Pharmacy supports the workers and unions of Wisconsin. An injury to one is an injury to all.

Gabrielle Fine of Community Pharmacy, who took all the photos except this one and the last one.

Casting a vote every few years for corporate-sponsored candidates is not what democracy looks like. Nor is taking orders from a boss. If you want democracy, go co-op!

Seen here: two representatives of Isthmus Engineering, one from the UW Center on Co-ops, and many union members.

Worker co-ops are businesses, but we oppose corporate control of our society. Is that a contradiction? Not for businesses that are run democratically.

Worker-owners from Community Pharmacy decided that a copy of WorCPlace News makes a good protest poster.

Your humble editor, from the Interpreters’ Co-op, un­char­acteristically takes the mic to tell the crowd that not only should they support co-ops, but they can form worker co-ops them­selves. Photo: Carlos Miranda.