Co-op Spotlight: Union Technology Cooperative

MadWorC is pleased to announce the arrival of Union Technology Cooperative to the Madison area!

Union Technology Cooperative (UTC) is a worker-owned and operated IT services cooperative. UTC was founded on September 23rd, 2008, by five member-owners to create sustainable, compassionate jobs for IT professionals who serve the greater good. Union Technology Cooperative is a not-for-profit entity; an organization designed with the heart of the community in mind, allowing UTC to provide its clients with a more ethical, uniquely efficient, and personalized service experience.

UTC has a diverse menu of technological services it offers to the community. Each technician has the experience and confidence to assist with even the most difficult crisis situations. Whether the problem is with Windows, Mac, or Linux, Union Technology Cooperative is ready to serve every type of market sector, including community, education, business and residential.

UTC is in business to help the entire community. Therefore, they offer reduced rate services to those in need. A discounted service rate is available to cooperatives, 501(c)(3) non-profits, as well as K-12 public schools, public education employees, seniors 65 and over, and clients with disabilities requiring a nursing home level of care. Union Technology Cooperative is also passionate about helping its clients reduce power consumption through a variety of methods; reducing utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint go hand in hand!

Union Technology Cooperative begins work relationships by documenting and diagramming the client’s network in an initial assessment, creating a document to assist with planning and future decision making. UTC believes if a network is owned by their client, their client has every right to all of the information related to it. UTC feels that going above and beyond is essential to providing the best service possible.

UTC technicians don’t just work with computers; in addition, they design, install, add on to, rebuild, and reinvent some of the most simple and most complex networks. Feel free to give them a call at 1-608-616-9925 with any question no matter how small or large. Operating hours are Monday through Friday: 9AM-5PM. UTC technicians are also on call outside normal hours for emergencies. You can visit them on the web at

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