Our newsposter (WorCPlace News)

Our newsletter is really a newsposter. We design it specifically so co-ops can hang it up in their workspaces to read whenever there's time. It also turns out to be a good format for coffeeshops, too.

The posters are 13"x19" (or sometimes 12"x18"), so if you print one, you'll probably want to scale it.

worcplace news 2010.11.pdf3.29 MB
worcplace news 2010.9.pdf3.79 MB
worcplace news 2010.7.pdf3.28 MB
worcplace news 2010.5.pdf4.89 MB
worcplace news 2010.3.pdf5.19 MB
worcplace news 2010.1.pdf321.66 KB
worcplace news 2011.1.pdf4.93 MB
worcplace news 2011.3.pdf6.06 MB
worcplace news 2011.5.web_.pdf2.15 MB
WorCPlace News 2011.8.pdf695.99 KB
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